Race all the way to the checkered flag

We are not only providing the quality of products, but
also provide quality of finish products by skilled craftsman to check each component as well.

  • InterCooler

    Thinner wall tube provides weight advantage

  • OilCooler)

    Developing design of oil cooler for specific model

No restriction of imagination
thinner, lighter cool better


We come up with this current design from scratch based upon our research and development, field testing told us we will need specific equipment, design and material.
There are 3 key elements of radiator in motorsports

Core thickness
Best cooling performance could not be provided by just thicker core.

Hot air stays longer with a thicker core resulting in an opposite effect.

We have found best thickness of core by several different tests.

In order to get better cooling efficiency we use much thinner tube material which provides better thermal conductivity.

Durability of material proven by endurance test as well as field test.

Found best fin pitch to get maximum heat dissipation effect by several wind tunnel tests.

Air moves through before it takes the heat from the fin with a wider fin pitch.


In order to get actual proof
that our radiator stands in this racing environment,
we have done endurance, destructive, impulse and other tests.


Continue to advance Imagination and Technical capability

There are so much effort and challenge by our engineer,
they put many different ideas together until they find the best design for each model.
Technical advancement never stops at DRL.

  • Tube

    DRL designed thinner wall tube on top

  • CoreLouver

    left ‐ brass fin center ‐ traditional designed fin right ‐ DRL designed fin

  • Louver

    Louver Fin Calculated design to adjust the air flow to maximize cooling capacity

  • BrassType

    top ‐ DRL designed SQUARE WAVE fin increase the contact area between fin and tube helps the cooling performance and the strength of DRL radiator

  • TubePitch

    left ‐ DRL core right ‐ existing core

  • UpperHose

    left ‐ DRL designed pipe does not obstruct the water flow right ‐ normal beading pipe

  • TubePitch

    How narrow tube pitch often cannot see at finish product