Daiwa Radiator Factory Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “We”) believe that to protect the privacy policy offered from the customers’ is our business fundamental and societal responsibility.

With a few exceptions, this site is available for inspection/browsing without disclosing customers’ private information.
However, in the case of inquiring or sending request of information materials, we may ask the customers’ private information to the extent necessary.
We hereby sets for the following basic privacy policy pertaining to the handling of private information acquired through our query form.
Private information we here mention is any or multiple combinations of the Customers’ name, E-mail address, Companies’ name, Phone number and address which is available to identify an individual.

Privacy Policy

  1. When we acquire, possess, use or disclose the customers’ private information, we make every possible effort not to impair the rights or interests of the said customers.
  2. Basically, customers’ can visit and browse our site without disclosing the private information. Also, we are not available to correct the customers’ private information only by your referring our website.
  3. Taking appropriate steps, we shall manage the customers’ private information from not being lost, destroyed, falsified or divulged to third parties.
  4. We shall use the customers’ private information to the extent necessary only for the achievement of the following purpose.
    1. When sending the reply to the customers’ inquiries or requests.
    2. When sending the information materials requested from customers.
  5. We will not offer the customers’ private information to the third party without previous consent. However this shall not apply when in the following cases.
    1. When we judge that it is appropriate to provide an answer directly from our relative company.
    2. In case of outsourcing where we close the non-disclosure contact to send the requested materials.
    3. Under the provision of the law.
    4. When it is required to protect the life, body or property of the said person and when it is difficult to obtain the consent of the said person.
    5. When it is required to cooperate for the national institution or local public authorities or their trustees to accomplish their purposes and when it could affect the completion of the relevant business by obtaining the consent of the said person.
  6. We establish management system for protecting individual information, conduct periodical monitoring, and continuously seek improvements.
  7. Relating to the above, we may revise the Privacy policy on our website.


Privacy policy here is described about handling the private information on the website of Daiwa Radiator Factory Co., Ltd. It is not intended for our relating company. Regarding the privacy policy for each relating company, please ask them directly.

We shall not assume any responsibility of ensuring the security of the customers’ private information in other websites linked to our site.